Process Engineering Design, Implementation & Commissioning

Process Design is a norm for industries like oil & fats, oil & gas, petrochemicals, food & beverages, waste water treatment, power generation and others you may come across in your mind. It allows the end users to execute the recipe in a large scale by utilizing pipes and vessels. Of course in between is where the equipment like turbo machineries, motors, valves and instrumentations play a vital role to create a mixture or blend of the recipe. We play our parts sometimes in the middle and sometimes we synchronize with our main contractor as part of project owner to share the load of E, I & C (electrical, instrumentation and control). Our experience extends to palm oil mill applications.

Other than that, we’re also well versed in power generation projects from steam boiler/waste heat boiler to steam turbine. Most often a co-generation application where a back pressure steam turbine is used. Most of the time, palm oil mill will tap out the existing steam exhaust of the turbine for their process consumption for sterilization like below image for instance.

An Overview of Palm Oil Mill Process

The Steam Distributor at the overview of palm oil mill process is the combination of a boiler and a steam turbine (depends on the design capacity of exhaust steam flow and pressure). A typical Co-Generation Plant System (generation of electricity and heat at the same time) as illustrated below single line diagram.